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Reflection (Nature)

Reflection (Nature): Welcome

Nature guides my path to self reflection.

Through connection with the natural environment I become self-reliant.

I am able to trust my instincts.

I come from a family of immigrant settlers on land traditionally cared for by the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation and the Haudenosaunee, Huron, and Wendat peoples before them. This work is site specific and site responsive. 

Reflection is an interdisciplinary, multimedia artwork that can be configured into a video art piece. I focused deeply on text through poetry, sound design, video, and photography. As such, each aspect of the piece can be appreciated individually. 

Initially, I was inspired to record the sound in my environment. I went outside to various suburban oases, and I listened attentively. What an experience: I discovered my first signal sound, a message sensed from the environment once one pauses to listen intentionally. 


I thought - this bird has something to share with me.

The Northern Cardinal's call sounded so pronounced and singular in my ears, similar to how the sound in this work is experienced. 

Next, I formed a visual connection to my surroundings. Namely, I took a photo of a fallen tree that appeared to me as reclining figure. I wondered, how can I seek harmony with nature in spontaneous action? I desired to relate to my surroundings through a technological reflection; projection. 

Patty Chang's early work, 1999 Fountain was a major inspiration for the mirror piece. I learned her visual language, and took hard look in the mirror myself.  

Still… I seek reflection…

I continue to build on this work by listening, looking, and giving intentionally. This piece was a gracious gift from Mother Earth, I replenish our relationship by cleaning up litter on the same paths I walked as I gained my inspiration. 

Reflection (Nature): Text
Reflection (Nature): Pro Gallery

Reflection was exhibited on June 10, 2022 with the City of Brampton Performing Arts Division at an invitation-only screening. 

Thank you! - Performing Arts Division commissioned this work through a newly incepted Artist-in-Residency program. My friends at the City of Brampton made this possible! Now, I hope to carry on with this visual language on a larger scale.

Reflection (Nature): Text
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