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Upcoming February 2023 | Homer Watson Gallery

The disembodied artist is free of this reality’s concrete form: They question social logic and resist the knowledge produced by systems of social exploitation and violence. Featuring emerging artists in the University of Waterloo Department of Fine Arts, Disembody explores conceptual disembodiment as a liberatory method. The artists free the internal self from the heteronormative and colonial norms perpetuated in the popular reality. The curatorial vision emphasizes the artists’ ability to restructure given realities and put forward critical, inclusive and anti-imperial truths.

Thanks to Homer Watson Gallery and the University of Waterloo Fine Arts Department.

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Ties That Bind

2022 | The Artery (in the University of Waterloo)

The ties that bind us to one another and to the earth appear naturally. An instrinsic gift from Creation. As social spirits, we seek to make connections. In Ties That Bind, artists explore the human and more-than-human experiences that might transport us across time and space or ground us in the present moment. The exhibition combines 2D, 3D, and time-based media to present the artists’ strategies of relating to the world around them.

Thanks to the UW Society of Fine Arts. 

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2021 | Propeller Art Gallery (Toronto)

Six emerging artists examine the experience of being -- in relation to social and cultural phenomena. The artists each express diverse subjectivities through formal elements and subject matter. Collectively, BEING+ considers nuances in the sociocultural construction of gender, power relations, the racialized body, and the role of place and kinship in the conceptualization of identity.

Thanks to Toronto Outdoor Art Fair and Propeller Art Gallery.

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