Abisola is an emerging curator and multidisciplinary artist based in the Greater Toronto Area. Through her visual discourse, she investigates visual and cultural criticism from a philosophical perspective. They routinely interrogate these findings in an image-making process through performance, photography, and digital art. 

Abisola is interested in topics such as conceptual art and post-modern, visual cultural investigations in various sectors of critical theory. She is also particularly interested in current modes of art criticism and curatorial practice, and plans to pursue a post-graduate degree in this field. 

Abisola is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waterloo with a major in Visual Culture and minor in Studio Practice, with emphasis on performance art.

In her hometown of Brampton, Ontario, her friends and family call her Abby.

Abby throws a mean Murder Mystery party, practices bass guitar, and is sustained by her yoga practice.